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      Why a Wood Mantel Can Transform Your Home Decor

      Why a Wood Mantel Can Transform Your Home Decor

      When decorating your home, one way to make your living space stand out from the rest of the rooms in your home is by adding a wood mantel. These stylish mantels can be decorated and personalized in a variety of ways. 

      If you are looking for inspiration on how to beautify your home, we have some suggestions on simple steps to take that will make a huge difference. The first step is to add one of our wood mantels to your fireplace. After that, there is a world of possibilities to decorate the space.

      Add a Mantel Above Your Fireplace

      The fireplace is truly the center of one’s home. One way to highlight this space and make it unique is to add a fireplace mantel. At Helm & Home, we offer a variety of different wood fireplace mantels to choose from.

      We offer floating mantels that look as if they are floating on the wall. We also offer mantels with metal brackets and ones with metal straps. No matter which mantel you choose, your living space will be enhanced.

      We pride ourselves on creating mantels that are rustic yet classy, to add a homey yet sophisticated feel to your living room. Offered in multiple colors and sizes, you will be able to carefully choose the mantel that is perfect for you.

      In addition to the mantels we offer, we can also serve special requests. For example, if you need a custom size that we do not offer, you can reach out to us and we will help you out. We want to make sure that you love your purchase.

      Once you purchase and install your wood fireplace mantel in your home, there are endless opportunities for how you can decorate your mantel to truly make it your own. Below we have listed some of our favorite tips and tricks to crafting the perfect mantel decor.

      Make It Personal

      If your mantel is in a family room, or if you are looking to make your home decor more sentimental, don’t be afraid to make your mantel decor personal! There are so many different objects that you can put on your mantel that can be completely customized to your family -- yet still look beautiful.

      Of course, one of our favorite additions to a mantel to make it personalized is to add photos. Picking out some of your favorite photos of family and friends and framing them on your mantel can look nice and remind you of great memories. A key to making this look classy is finding frames that match the mantel and the rest of your room.

      Some other items that you can add to your mantel to make your decor unique is artwork. If you have any artwork that was made by someone you know, or if you have art that you bought somewhere special, you can surely showcase it on your mantel! Artwork is always a great way to add a touch of charm to a space.

      Finally, if you purchased any nice souvenirs from a trip, placing it on your mantel can look nice and also remind you of fun memories! Overall, any items that you have that mean something to you and that you have been looking to display can go on your mantel!

      Make It Classy

      If you are looking to create a more sophisticated look in your living space, you may want to search for specific items and decorations to buy to display. You also may want to follow a specific color scheme.

      For a classy theme, we recommend finding small pieces that match the atmosphere you want to create. Some items that you might want to look out for include books, vases with plants, candles, or small statues and trinkets. Remember, that you don’t need to fill the entire space with items: sometimes, keeping your mantel simple with a few touches is the way to go.

      Additionally, following a color scheme will make your room look sophisticated. You can either pick a color you like, or you can try to match your mantel decor to a color already present in your living space. Whether your items match the mantle material, the walls in the room, or something else, a color palette will surely create a classy style.

      Have Fun With It

      If you want to have some more fun with your mantel decorating, remember that your decorations do not have to stay the same all year round. Coordinating your decorations to the season or to upcoming holidays can be an exciting touch to your living space.

      Some examples of decorating for the season include using lots of flowers for the spring, pumpkin and leaf decorations for the fall, or doing lots of white, snow-related decorations for the winter. Even if you only change a couple of decorations each season, it will truly transform your living space.

      Additionally, we love when our customers decorate their mantels for the holidays they celebrate! Whether that decorating is for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or other holidays, decorating your mantel for specific occasions is the perfect combination of beauty and festive.

      Add a Big Piece

      If you want to keep your mantel decor simple, consider adding one large item instead of multiple smaller items. This will still highlight your fireplace and mantel, yet will provide more of a clean look. Some large items that you might want to place above your mantel are a large piece of artwork or a mirror. Both of these options are very popular and look great. 

      Additionally, if you wanted to include a television in the same room as your fireplace and mantel, putting it above the mantel would be the perfect place. Doing so creates a uniform feel to your living space, as all of the big features of the room are lined up. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch television while warming up by the fire!

      The Bottom Line

      We can promise you that any way you choose to decorate your mantel will look great. Keep in mind that the center of the room is the fireplace and the mantel, and the decorations are complimentary! Your choice of decorations can completely transform your room, but they are not the only important part of the room.

      If you are interested in one of our mantels, visit our website. If you have any questions, call (800) 830-5767. We would love to speak with you and help your home decor dreams come true!

      The Benefits of Purchasing a Faux Wood Mantel

      The Benefits of Purchasing a Faux Wood Mantel

      If you are looking for a stylish yet practical addition to your living space, look no further than our faux wood mantels. These mantels are a perfect extension to any fireplace or living space in your home.

      As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of choosing durable pieces for your home. At Helm & Home, we pride ourselves on creating practical pieces that will look beautiful in your living space. We choose nothing but the best materials to ensure that your mantel will last a lifetime, through the wear and tear of everyday life.

      You may be wondering what the benefits are of purchasing a faux wood mantel from us. There are many different advantages of adding one of these wood beams to your home, and listed below are just a few.

      Quality Materials

      We craft our mantels with the highest quality materials we can find. You may hear the term faux wood and immediately think that the quality is not as good as regular wood mantels. We understand that, as it is a common misconception. Our faux mantels, however, are just as strong and tasteful as a regular wood mantel.

      Our mantels are crafted to support substantial weight. Our floating mantel can hold up to 35 pounds, and our regular mantels can hold a minimum of 80 pounds. These mantels can be used not only as a piece of decoration above your fireplace, but also as a shelf in any place in your home! They are perfect to hold decorations, photos, books, or any other items you need to store.

      Just in case there happens to be any defects in the workmanship of our mantels, all of our pieces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner. We are proud of our quality of workmanship, and believe that our customers deserve the greatest products we can make.

      Stylish Finish

      At Helm & Home, we design our beams and shelves to achieve a classy, rustic look. We know that the fireplace is often the center of the home, and we want to help you enhance that space. Our mantels are a great highlight above any fireplace.

      We offer various different finishes, so you can choose the style that will fit perfectly in your home. Our lighter color option is “Early American,” and the darkest shade that we offer is “Walnut.” We offer a color sample kit, so that you can visualize the different colors in your home before deciding which one to purchase!

      We also offer different styles of mantels including floating mantels, mantels with metal brackets, and mantels with metal rivet straps. No matter which style and color you choose, we can promise that you will be pleased with your purchase.

      Easy Installation

      Our team crafts our faux beams with the intention of making installation easy. We make our products so that the average homeowner has the skills and tools necessary to easily install one. There is no need to worry about struggling to install the mantel in your home.

      Additionally, our mantels are crafted to look like a solid beam, but are actually constructed in the form of a box. This means that our beams are completely hollow on the inside. This contributes to the easy installation, as the beams are extremely lightweight.

      When you purchase a mantel, you can check out our thorough installation guides on our website. Our installation guides include a list of tools needed, as well as a step-by-step list of instructions with diagrams. We hope this will contribute to a simple and straightforward installation experience.

      If you are interested in purchasing a faux wood mantel, visit our website or call (877) 555-9300. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you to add a mantel to your living space!

      Add a Beautifully Rustic Mantel to your Home

      Add a Beautifully Rustic Mantel to your Home

      If you are looking to add a beautiful and functional touch to your fireplace, our rustic mantel is the perfect addition for you. 

      A mantel is a great addition to your fireplace for several reasons.


      First, is its functionality. Our rustic mantel is a great place for storage, as our floating shelves can hold 35 pounds and our mantels can hold more than 80 pounds of decorations, photos, or any other items you want to prominently display. Our mantels are sturdy and durable.


      Another reason to add a mantel to your fireplace is for beauty. Fireplaces are often the center of the home -- it’s where friends and family gather to spend quality time together. Since fireplaces are such a central feature of a home, why not make it beautiful by adding a rustic mantel!


      At Helm & Home, we offer various types of mantels. We sell a floating fireplace mantel, which looks as if it is floating on the wall. We also have a mantel that is supported by metal brackets, and we sell a mantel that features metal rivet straps. No matter which variety you choose, a rustic mantel will surely be a charming feature in your home.


      In addition to our variety of different mantels, you also have the option of custom sizing, so that your mantel fits perfectly above your fireplace or on your wall. If you want a custom mantel, reach out to us and we will work with you to create the perfect piece for your home.

      High Quality

      Here at Helm & Home, we pride ourselves on creating great quality products. We believe in the integrity of our craftsmanship, and want to create mantels that are stylish and durable. This is why we personally design and handcraft each and every mantel we sell.

      In the event of any defects in our workmanship, all of our furniture has a lifetime guarantee. We want to make sure that you love what you are putting in your home. If there are any concerns, we encourage you to give us a call!

      Environmentally Conscious

      Our team at Helm & Home is very environmentally conscious, and we create furniture that uses environmentally friendly materials that are sustainably sourced. We believe that the products we make should not only be great for you and your home -- they should also be good for the environment. With this in mind, all our finishes and stains are water based, which further reduces our impact on the environment.

      All our mantels are designed and manufactured in a way that makes installation easy. Although our products may look heavy, they are actually lightweight and easy to install. On our website, we have detailed installation guides for each of our products, so do-it-yourselfers should have no problem installing a mantel in their home. 

      Say Hello!

      Our wood shop is located in Milford, CT. If you are local, you can pick up your piece in person. If not, no worries! We ship our mantels via UPS all across the United States.

      If you have any questions about our products, or about which mantel is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help you find the perfect mantel for your home!

      To learn more about our rustic mantels, take a walk through our website or give us a call at 1-877-555-9300. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have