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      Why a Wood Mantel Can Transform Your Home Decor

      Why a Wood Mantel Can Transform Your Home Decor

      When decorating your home, one way to make your living space stand out from the rest of the rooms in your home is by adding a wood mantel. These stylish mantels can be decorated and personalized in a variety of ways. 

      If you are looking for inspiration on how to beautify your home, we have some suggestions on simple steps to take that will make a huge difference. The first step is to add one of our wood mantels to your fireplace. After that, there is a world of possibilities to decorate the space.

      Add a Mantel Above Your Fireplace

      The fireplace is truly the center of one’s home. One way to highlight this space and make it unique is to add a fireplace mantel. At Helm & Home, we offer a variety of different wood fireplace mantels to choose from.

      We offer floating mantels that look as if they are floating on the wall. We also offer mantels with metal brackets and ones with metal straps. No matter which mantel you choose, your living space will be enhanced.

      We pride ourselves on creating mantels that are rustic yet classy, to add a homey yet sophisticated feel to your living room. Offered in multiple colors and sizes, you will be able to carefully choose the mantel that is perfect for you.

      In addition to the mantels we offer, we can also serve special requests. For example, if you need a custom size that we do not offer, you can reach out to us and we will help you out. We want to make sure that you love your purchase.

      Once you purchase and install your wood fireplace mantel in your home, there are endless opportunities for how you can decorate your mantel to truly make it your own. Below we have listed some of our favorite tips and tricks to crafting the perfect mantel decor.

      Make It Personal

      If your mantel is in a family room, or if you are looking to make your home decor more sentimental, don’t be afraid to make your mantel decor personal! There are so many different objects that you can put on your mantel that can be completely customized to your family -- yet still look beautiful.

      Of course, one of our favorite additions to a mantel to make it personalized is to add photos. Picking out some of your favorite photos of family and friends and framing them on your mantel can look nice and remind you of great memories. A key to making this look classy is finding frames that match the mantel and the rest of your room.

      Some other items that you can add to your mantel to make your decor unique is artwork. If you have any artwork that was made by someone you know, or if you have art that you bought somewhere special, you can surely showcase it on your mantel! Artwork is always a great way to add a touch of charm to a space.

      Finally, if you purchased any nice souvenirs from a trip, placing it on your mantel can look nice and also remind you of fun memories! Overall, any items that you have that mean something to you and that you have been looking to display can go on your mantel!

      Make It Classy

      If you are looking to create a more sophisticated look in your living space, you may want to search for specific items and decorations to buy to display. You also may want to follow a specific color scheme.

      For a classy theme, we recommend finding small pieces that match the atmosphere you want to create. Some items that you might want to look out for include books, vases with plants, candles, or small statues and trinkets. Remember, that you don’t need to fill the entire space with items: sometimes, keeping your mantel simple with a few touches is the way to go.

      Additionally, following a color scheme will make your room look sophisticated. You can either pick a color you like, or you can try to match your mantel decor to a color already present in your living space. Whether your items match the mantle material, the walls in the room, or something else, a color palette will surely create a classy style.

      Have Fun With It

      If you want to have some more fun with your mantel decorating, remember that your decorations do not have to stay the same all year round. Coordinating your decorations to the season or to upcoming holidays can be an exciting touch to your living space.

      Some examples of decorating for the season include using lots of flowers for the spring, pumpkin and leaf decorations for the fall, or doing lots of white, snow-related decorations for the winter. Even if you only change a couple of decorations each season, it will truly transform your living space.

      Additionally, we love when our customers decorate their mantels for the holidays they celebrate! Whether that decorating is for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or other holidays, decorating your mantel for specific occasions is the perfect combination of beauty and festive.

      Add a Big Piece

      If you want to keep your mantel decor simple, consider adding one large item instead of multiple smaller items. This will still highlight your fireplace and mantel, yet will provide more of a clean look. Some large items that you might want to place above your mantel are a large piece of artwork or a mirror. Both of these options are very popular and look great. 

      Additionally, if you wanted to include a television in the same room as your fireplace and mantel, putting it above the mantel would be the perfect place. Doing so creates a uniform feel to your living space, as all of the big features of the room are lined up. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch television while warming up by the fire!

      The Bottom Line

      We can promise you that any way you choose to decorate your mantel will look great. Keep in mind that the center of the room is the fireplace and the mantel, and the decorations are complimentary! Your choice of decorations can completely transform your room, but they are not the only important part of the room.

      If you are interested in one of our mantels, visit our website. If you have any questions, call (800) 830-5767. We would love to speak with you and help your home decor dreams come true!

      The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

      The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

      A fireplace mantel, also known as a chimney piece, is a beam, stone, or arch that surrounds your fireplace. In medieval times, this piece was used to catch smoke from the fire, though, with time, it has grown to become a space to display home decor.

      Some choose to decorate by placing pieces of art, mirrors, candles, photographs, etc. atop their mantel. Whichever you choose, your fireplace mantel becomes the focal point of your living room, so it’s important to give it some panache.

      It should go without saying that your mantel should make sense with the rest of the room. If the rug and couch fabric are neutrals, it isn’t in your best interest to have a bright, vibrant mantel. Think of your mantel as a blank canvas that can be added to at any point in the year to change up the look of your living room or add a level of sophistication. Here are some tips:

      1. Color Palette

      Before starting, determine your color palette to create a cohesive look and tie everything together nicely. If fall is approaching and you are looking to turn your living room into a cozy cabin and cuddle up by the wood fireplace, consider rich colors for your mantel. Wood mantels are the perfect option for this feel. 

      Also, adorn your mantel with a few metallic or matte black objects or artwork. Add a flannel blanket and some old prints to add a real rustic feel. If you’re not sure what metallic color palette to use, think gold, bronze, and copper or rust. Brighter silver is perfect for Spring and Summer, so save any objects with those colors for later in the year.

      Another option is to go full monochromatic: all white, all black, or maybe all wooden. If you choose the monochromatic route, be sure to add a few accents of gold or silver here and there to add some pop so your mantel doesn’t become dull and flat. It’s all about balance.

      In Spring, consider transitioning to a white or neutral color palette to brighten up the room. Add a few plants for a pop of life, but be sure not to over-mix different materials. Mantels are small and can easily feel cluttered. Stick with the rule that less is better and add one item at a time so you don’t over-clutter.

      1. Odd Numbers

      As a general rule of thumb, stick to odd numbers when it comes to decorating your mantel shelf. Your eye is drawn to symmetry and patterns, but it is also drawn to centerpieces. If you work in even numbers, there is no centerpiece. So, use symmetry and odd numbers so your fireplace mantel really catches the eye. 

      You can also move your centerpiece just off-center and begin layering to catch the eye in a different way. Likely, your centerpiece will be the anchor of your mantel and will therefore be the biggest item. If you place it just off-center, people will be sure to notice. Be sure to add layering to make this placement look intentional.

      When layering, remember to stick with odd numbers and begin to vary in shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns. A little bit of layering is good, but try not to overcrowd the mantel and don’t make it overly symmetrical. Once you get started, you’ll be able to tell when too much is really too much.

      If you are looking to get technical with an artist’s eye, try to follow the infamous Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is a type of composition in which an image is divided into thirds and the subject is placed along one third. This one can be a bit tricky when it comes to finding balance, so proceed with caution. In most instances, you’ll just have to move around objects until you find what works, there’s no easy answer.

      1. Greenery

      When it comes to deciding what you are actually going to decorate the mantel with, it’s always a nice idea to add some greenery or plant life. House plants add a variety of organic shapes, textures, and colors to your mantel. Consider draping and ivy or a long pothos down either or both edges of the mantel. 

      If your mantel doesn’t get much sun or you don’t find yourself to have much of a green thumb, head over to Michaels or any craft store to pick up some fake foliage. However, if you do have a green thumb or your mantel gets the perfect amount of light, take a trip to your local plant nursery and pick up some easy to care for plants. Some plants do better near large amounts of dry heat than others, so that is something to take into consideration.

      If you have a particularly stringy plant, consider running it across the length of the mantel. Many people drape garlands and wreaths along their mantel during the holiday season, think evergreen boughs and holly. Why not throw a few miniature pumpkins on the mantel for Halloween? The other great thing about plants is that then you can customize the pots they are in, too. 

      1. Art & Mirrors

      It seems like a no-brainer to add art to your mantel, but choosing the right piece of art and subject matter can make or break the look of your mantel. If you have a sleek electric fireplace and want a minimalist mantel to match, reach for minimalist, abstract works of art. Considering matching the frame of your desired piece of art to the color of the fireplace insert.

      If you don’t want to poke holes in the wall with a nail, simply lean the piece of art mirror or against the wall. A recent trend has been to buy several smaller mirrors of varying sizes rather than one large mirror. Buying several small mirrors is often more budget-friendly as many thrift stores sell smaller mirrors for cheap. Simply repaint the frames of the mirrors to achieve a unified color palette. 

      Infinite Possibilities

      If you get tired of any artwork you choose, fireplace mantels can be decorated and re-designed at any point in the year. All you have to do is go out and buy something new. Every year, your mantel can look a little bit different, every season even. Because the mantel surrounds the fireplace, there should be something to tie the two together.

      Before you can even consider decorating your mantel, it’s important to have a mantel in the first place. Helm and Home, an eco-friendly, sustainable sourced mantel maker, is here to help. Helm and Home makes finding the right mantel for your home easy by offering mantel shipping as well as a variety of mantel accessories. To get started with your fireplace mantel, take a walk through our website, or reach us by phone at 1-800-830-5767