Top 5 Accessories for Your Fireplace Mantel

Top 5 Accessories for Your Fireplace Mantel

Your new fireplace mantel has been installed and your home seems nearly perfect. Yet, something is missing! This beautiful rustic mantel has added such charm to your space but lacks that special “YOU” factor. Personalizing your new mantel adds character and depth to your home, showing off your own taste and style. Not sure where to begin? We’ll help you get started with these top five accessories for your new mantel.

Now, our sturdy mantels can hold up to 80 lbs of your prized possessions, however, modern interior design veers more minimalist. To begin, assess the color, size, and shape of your mantel before applying these accessories. With our rustic wood tones, many neutral colors are compatible with our product. Dark sage green, shades of grey, and classic black and white decor will pleasantly compliment most wooden mantels. Additionally, for an eye-catching display, metallic silver and gold frames add a perfect accent to these earthy, matte tones.

Haven’t found your green thumb yet? Then our first accessory is for you! Fake plants have become all the rage over the past few years, ranging in sizes from full potted trees to petite plastic succulents. Use these smaller plants to add a bit of color to your mantel, as well as give your space a lush feel. We recommend potting these plants in neutral-colored holders, allowing your mantel to appropriately complement this pop of green. These plants are cheap and easy to come by in any craft or homemaking store, making them an excellent addition to your home!

Our second accessory holds the key to the heart of your home. What better place to display your family or pet photos than the fireplace mantel? These photos individualize your home and display the most important parts of your life to your guests. Whether you print these photos large or small, a proper metallic frame will seal the deal. Our recommendation is to err on the side of thinner picture frames, as they allow more freedom for your other mantel accessories to flourish.

Once you’ve accessorized your rustic mantel, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. Take this chance to smile into a new mirror! Mirrors add depth to your space, minimizing the amount of blank space above your fireplace. We recommend using a mirror with a gold or silver frame, depending on the color of your walls. Finally, larger mirrors are an excellent opportunity to take up space on your mantel without overcrowding. Be sure to experiment with different designs, whether square, circular, or something in-between! 

We’ve been suggesting mostly earth-toned items for your mantel, but here is your moment to add a splash of bright color to your room. Tinted glass vases provide a gentle introduction of color without being too overbearing. This is where you have the most artistic freedom to decorate your rustic mantel. If you want to add more plant life, you can even add some branches inside these vases, such as willow, cotton, or dogwood!

Finally, what better way to draw attention to your new mantel than with some light? Affixing lamps above your fireplace allows you to see the full beauty of your newly accessorized mantel. This effect can be achieved with glass wall sconces or even small standalone lamps atop the mantel itself. 

Using any (or all!) of these accessories for your new fireplace mantel will be sure to perfect your space. To further discuss how our mantels can brighten your home, give us a call at 1-800-830-6767, email us at,  or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!

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