Make a Statement With Our Rustic Mantel Pieces!

Rustic mantel pieces are a statement, especially since it’s one of the first things people see when they enter your home. It’s where you put your pictures, flowers, and decorations, or it's where your cat randomly wants to sleep at 3 AM. Fireplaces are where the family gathers, especially during this cold season. With an exceptional mantel hanging over your fireplace, those experiences can be extraordinary. You’re able to place hilarious family portraits on top, add cool decorations for every holiday, and store your wine while you’re entertaining guests in front of the fireplace. 

Custom Design and Handcrafted 

At Helm and Home, we not only design and handcraft our mantel pieces to ensure that they are durable, stylish, and last a long time, but we create them with sustainably sourced materials to guarantee eco-friendly furniture in your home! We even offer a color sample, so you can test each color yourself to figure out what works best for your fireplace (we can also mix colors). Here at Helm and Home, we want you to be able to enjoy your fireplace: our rustic mantel pieces can do just that. 

All our items include free shipping, and installation is a breeze with our easy guide. If you need specific measurements or even need your rustic mantel in a hurry, we (Dylan and Monika!) will gladly work with you to try and meet your needs. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy the new additions to their fireplaces, that’s why we work above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

Different Styles

We offer five different styles of mantels, three of which are rustic. You can choose from a floating mantel, a mantel with metal brackets, or a mantel with metal rivet straps. Our mantels have been tested to hold up to 125 pounds! That’s about 12.5 cats! If you’re choosing a floating mantel, our 3” can hold up to 90 pounds, while our 1.5” can hold up to 25 pounds. 

When ordering our mantels online, shipping can take anywhere from 1-7 days within the US. Unsure about the installation? Our easy-to-understand instructions and lightweight construction of our mantels ensure that everyone can install them themselves. In fact, there are no complex tools involved, so you can have your new fireplace mantel installed in no time. 

For More Information

Take a scroll through the rest of our website; you’ll be able to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and how our mantel pieces are a perfect addition to your home. If you’re wanting to do a custom-sized mantel or custom color, contact us here so we can ensure that you get what you’re looking for. If you need the mantel in a hurry, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can get your order configured and shipped as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, you can view our faqs or call us at 1(800) 830-5767. We hope you love your mantels just as much as we do, and thousands of other happy customers. 

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