Completing the Look of Your Home With the Perfect Mantel Shelf

Completing the Look of Your Home With the Perfect Mantel Shelf

What do most New England homes have in common? Okay yes, we see a lot of white fences and Victorian-style architecture. But the answer I was looking for is fireplaces! If you live in colder states, you probably have a fireplace in your home or know someone who does. But let’s say you do, and the space that’s basically the center of your home feels like it’s missing something. I’d like to guess it has something to do with the mantel shelf.

There are some houses that don't even have one! It’s the beam above your fireplace that many families choose to put photos or seasonal decorations on. It’s in the heart of your home and has enormous potential, especially if you’re running out of space to put your framed family pics!

If you’re renovating or constructing a new home, or even if you’re looking to add a new rustic modern flair to the space you have, you’ll want the best, most durable selection to choose from. And a mantel shelf is central in the home, so you’ll want that focal point to be all about you (and your family, of course!).

So how do I pick the best one for me?

Nowadays it’s all about the minimalistic look. Gone is the era of baroque and extravagance, but who can blame us? Most of us have a tv above the fireplace anyway, so we don’t want it to look too busy. But an empty space looks unfinished. So the currently trending go-to? A modern floating mantel beam.

A floating mantel can complete the look of your space and complement the decorations you put on it without making the wall look too busy. You don’t want the mantel shelf itself to be a distraction. You want it to be a segue piece between your fireplace and whatever you have above it, whether it’s a mirror, a clock, or a television.

From our collection, we recommend a rustic mantel with more traditional fireplaces and a modern mantel with newer or electric fireplaces. Both types have an option between brackets or floating, which will primarily depend on the preference of the patron. Do you want that modern-family countryside feel? Or are you a true minimalist and want marginal accentuation of the beam?


Both options will be a beautiful highlight to your home. And if you’re uncertain, our expert team at Helm and Home is ready to help you find the perfect mantel shelf to complete your space. An added bonus of our design is quick installation (about ten minutes!), all you need is a pencil, a bubble level, a stud finder, and an electric drill. And if you have any questions along the way or want more information before purchasing, we encourage our customers to call us at (877) 555-9300 or visit us online!

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