Floating Mantel Installation Instructions

Our floating mantel is designed to make installation quick and easy. 
Installation time: 10 minutes. 

  Tools needed: 
 Stud finder (drywall installation)
 Bubble level. 
 Electric drill/driver.

Step 1

Hold the mantel on the wall in its desired place and make a small pencil
mark where the top of the mantel meets the wall. Remove the mantel.

Step 2

Measure 3-3/8” down from the pencil mark. At that point and with the aid of a bubble level make a horizontal line with a pencil.

Step 3

Hold the bracket against the wall with it’s bottom resting on the pencil line. Drive the included Power Pro screws through the bracket into the wall studs. 

Drywall - We recommend driving the screws into the wall studs. If studs aren’t an option, we advise using toggle bolts. (Available at any hardware store). 

 Stone/Masonry - Droll pilot holes using a 5/32" masonry bit. Drive the included PowerPro screws through the bar and into the stone/masonry.

Step 4

Lift your mantel up and hook it into the mounting bracket. 

Sit down, relax and enjoy.