4 Reasons You Should Use Reclaimed Wood for Your Furniture?

Reclaimed wood dining table with plate
A question we get asked over and over again is. Why should I buy furniture made from reclaimed wood?” This is a great question, especially when the alternative is new wood and new is always better right? Well not necessarily. Let’s explore this a little further.
Here are 4 reasons you should use reclaimed wood for your furniture?

1. Character

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that even comes close to having the character, charm and history of reclaimed wood. If you love originality, you will definitely prefer reclaimed wood because each piece offers a unique story often dating back hundreds of years.
Lumber used to be cut from trees that had been growing for hundreds of years, this gives them very unique and beautiful grain patterns as well as superior strength and durability. These unique qualities are impossible to get from modern day trees which have been through a GMO process that makes them grow to a harvest-able size in as little as 30 years.

2. Strength, Durability and Stability

Due to its age reclaimed wood has been exposed to many different atmospheric changes  and conditions over the years. This means it is less likely to suffer from major splitting and warping. Keep in mind that due to its nature wood never keeps still. It will always expand and contract small amounts following the changing humidity of the annual seasons.

3. You Care About the Environment

There is no doubting the importance of trees to the sustainability of our environment. They provide homes and food for animals, they purify the air we breathe, they literally hold the surface of the earth together to prevent the rains from washing it away, they provide a cooling effect to the environment, the list of benefits goes on and on.About 30 trees can absorb up to 946lb of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide enough oxygen for over 100 people on a daily basis? So, when there are fewer trees, less carbon dioxide will be absorbed and less oxygen will be given out.

4. Preservation of history

The USA has a long and  rich history. Through choosing reclaimed wood, you’re supporting the history of our nation and keeping our American legacy alive. Reclaimed wood is sourced from various places such as old barns, bridges, retired ships and railway cars. The list of sources is long but what is even more impressive are the stories the wood could tell.
The wood in your dining table could have come from a barn that housed troops in the war of independence, or a school building that educated children in the 1800s.
By using reclaimed wood, you’re keeping your link to the past alive as you look toward the future. So, if you’re passionate about history, there’s no better way of celebrating this than by using historical reclaimed wood.

Tip: Always inquire about the source of your wood, you maybe surprised, and you may have an amazing story to tell at dinner parties.

Reclaimed wood with water drops

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