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      Blog — Table guide

      A Guide to Buying Your Table

      Friends Eating Dinner

      To choose a table that will fit your home and lifestyle perfectly, there are a few things to consider.  Here’s what’s helpful to know when deciding what table is right for you.

      How big is your space, and how many people do you want to seat?
      Think about how many people are sitting around your table most days of the year. We like to allow 24” per person, which is a generous place setting. You will also want to consider the chairs that you will use with the table to ensure they will fit comfortably between the legs of the table.

      Dining table seating chart

      If you entertain frequently it’s likely worth it to go with a bigger table everyday, but if you only have a bigger crowd for the holidays, consider extensions.  Extensions can be built to insert onto the ends of the table. Our extensions add 24" to the length of the table.

      Reclaimed wood or New Wood?
      Your decor will be the biggest deciding factor on whether to go with reclaimed or new wood for your dining table. Reclaimed wood is full of character, history, and beauty. Its rustic look can vary from traditional farmhouse to rustic-modern depending on the design and materials used for the legs. Reclaimed wood will often include features such worm holes, nail holes, and deeper color variation.
      New Hardwoods such as Walnut, Maple & Ash provide a cleaner look, where the main focus is on the beauty of the grain.